The Lion Cub program has exciting indoor and outdoor activities specifically designed for kindergarten age boys, girls and their adult partner. Adult partners (guardians) are there to support and guide, allowing the new Cub Scout to discover risks and rewards under the security of adult supervision. Lion Cubs learn by doing. As they learn and grow, the relationship with their adult partner (guardian) grows as well. At the conclusion of their kindergarten year, the Lion Cub will transition to Tiger Cubs where they will earn the Bobcat badge and continue on to even more exciting and educational adventures through Cub Scouting.

The goals of the Lion Cubs program

To strengthen Scouting’s position in the community
To reflect the diversity of our communities
To offer greater support for children and their families
To introduce children and their families to the fun of the outdoors
To provide extended learning opportunities outside of school

Lion Cub Family benefits

Offers age-appropriate activities each month
Provides value for families
Enhances quality family time
Provides a forum for adult interaction
Encourages positive interaction between Scouts
Strengthens parenting skills
Introduces families to Scouting Goals of the Lion Cubs Program

Guides from US Scouting Service Project

Lion Requirements